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Infant - 6 Weeks to 2 Years

Our unique infant program is divided into three phases. The first, youngest phase, is our Infant classroom. Most students enrolled in this age are typically 6 weeks to 12 months old. At this age, babies are learning to make eye contact, beginning to giggle and observe, and learning to roll over and eventually crawl. At this age they develop a very close bond to their caregivers. 

The second phase is called our Early Transition classroom. Most children in this age group are typically 10 to 18 months old. This is where our little ones are beginning to pull themselves up, take steps, and learning to walk. More art and sensory activities are integrated into the classroom through developmentally appropriate curriculum.

The third phase is called our Transition classroom. Children enrolled in this classroom are typically between 16 and 24 months. This is the last classroom in our infant program. Children start to play alongside one another and begin interacting with peers in their class. Teachers begin preparing them for our preschool classrooms with skills to be successful. Early stages of self-help skills are introduced. Getting dressed, drinking from a cup without a lid, handwashing, sharing.   

All three classrooms are developmentally appropriate for each child. Children advance at their own speed with the help of curriculum introduced by teachers that include sensory activities, fine and gross motor development, baby sign language, and more. Each one of the classrooms is equipped with materials designed for each phase of development, building upon the one before it.

We understand that placing your infant in a group care facility is a difficult and frightening thing for new parents; our dedicated and professional staff will help make this transition from home to center as easy as possible.

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