Our Infant Program: 6 weeks to two years

Our infant rooms are designed to allow for intimate interaction with caregivers, which is most important for the process of attachment. Staff maintains individualized plans for each child based on their stage of development, needs and interests. Staff keep developmental logs on all children which are accessible to parents at any time.

It is part of our culture and philosophy to interact with the infants during routines/transitions such as feedings, diapering, play and creative activities which will enhance the development and growth of your child. Our infant program is divided into three phases: (1) six-week to ten months (2) ten months to fifteen months (3) fifteen months to two years. Each one of the classrooms is equipped with materials especially designed for each phase of development – building upon the one before it.

Infant orientation: Upon registration into the infant program, parents will be scheduled for a 1-on-1 orientation to the infant program. At this time individual needs will be discussed and a needs and service profile will be filled out. The parents will be given a chance to voice concerns and ask questions. We understand that placing your infant in a group care facility is a difficult and frightening thing for new parents; our dedicated and professional staff will help make this transition from home to center as easy as possible.