California Ivy League

Cal Ivy Prep is dedicated to the belief that children learn and develop best in an environment that allows for hands-on interactive activities. We are a play-based learning center. It is our belief that play is a child’s self chosen way of interacting with the environment, the materials and adults in the environment in order to understand concepts. Our nurturing staff encourages development in all areas; cognitive, physical, social/emotional, creative and spiritual in order to build a strong foundation for future educational experiences. We strive for open communication with our families in order to support each child’s individual developmental needs as well as strengthening the home/school connections.


It is our goal to support the family by teaching children and parents the skills they need to communicate effectively, interpret behavior and solve problems. Every effort is made to meet the emotional, social, intellectual and physical needs of the whole child on a developmental basis.


We encourage an environment that meets the cultural needs of our families as they grow and change over time and reflects the cultural diversity of the children and the community. Our center does not discriminate because of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, physical abilities, or any other protected characteristic.


Mission Statement:

The mission of our center is to provide support for the families and enriched educational experiences to the children of our community.

The mission is accomplished in a sensitive, compassionate manner that focuses on the values, needs and dignity of the family and each individual.

It is carried out through the efforts of the employees, parents and volunteers who manifest and demonstrate the values of love, human dignity, sacredness of life and concern for serving the whole person.

In keeping with the mission of supporting the basic needs of families, Cal Ivy provides developmentally appropriate experiences and practices that focus on the child from early infancy to age ten. The children are encouraged to explore and discover through play as well as to mature through social activities and to develop a positive self-image through success with activities.