Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis, with all applications being dated for position on any waiting list. When a vacancy occurs, the next child on the waiting list who fits the age criteria will be admitted. Families with children already enrolled and wish to enroll another child are given preference on the waiting list. Parents must contract for specific days, rotating type schedules are not accommodated without additional charges.

Tours of the campus are offered daily without an appointment. Our hours of operation are 6a-6p Monday through Friday. The tour includes an introduction to the facility, policies, expectations and individual needs of the child. Parents and children are encouraged to tour the center and meet prospective teachers. At the time of enrollment the application is reviewed for completeness, the tuition fee is identified and the parent signs a contract for services. All paperwork is required to be turned in two full days prior to the desired start date. Childcare cannot be provided if all forms are not completed.

Educational childcare is available to any family in the community without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin or ancestry.  The center offers a regular child care and development program. Eligible children with disabilities/exceptional needs shall be enrolled provided that the program is appropriate,  utilizing the least restrictive environment criteria contained in state and federal law for individuals with exceptional needs. Additionally, the Center will provide all reasonable accommodations and/or modifications services, and aids for children with disabilities in order that they may participate in the regular child care and development program, unless doing so would create an undue administrative or financial burden or would fundamentally alter the nature of the program.

The Center will make reasonable modifications to its policies, procedures, and practices in order to allow students with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate. Such reasonable accommodations and/or modifications, services, and aids shall be provided at no cost to the parents. However, the Center does not offer a severely handicapped child care and development program. In accordance with Title 22, Section 31221 of the California childcare center licensing regulations, a child who has a physical, mental, or emotional handicap of such severity that he/she cannot be adequately or appropriately served in a regular child care and development program or who need specially trained caregivers will not be accepted into the program and shall be referred to a severely handicapped program.

For more information please stop by the center for a tour. Our location is: 2301 Ashe Road, Bakersfield, CA. 93309 or call us at (661) 832-8300 for availability. We look forward to meeting you and possibly meeting your childcare needs.

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